Privacy Policy

Our updated privacy policy can be found here which is compliant with the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) regulations.

Privacy Policy

This notice will explain how we process and use personal information.  

Whenever you provide personal information to Beaufort Airport Taxis Birmingham we will alert you to the fact that another company will be the data controller for your information when you are asked to provide any personal information. 

This data controller uses your personal information along with other information for administration – including providing you with the goods, services, and/or information you request), marketing, customer services, credit scoring, and profiling purchasing preferences. We will disclose your personal information to agents and service providers for these purposes. We may retain your personal information for a reasonable amount of time.

We would like to be able to share your information with the organizations that serve as our business partners. We – or they – may choose to contact you through mail, telephone, SMS, or email to inform you about goods, services, or promotions that you may be interested in.

When you provide us with personal information we offer you the chance to opt out of receiving this information by post or telephone from us, but please keep in mind that this means you will not receive any of our future special offers and promotions.

We also provide you with the chance to opt in to receive this information through SMS and email and will only contact you if you opt in to receive it or are one of our existing customers and the information is related to goods and services that you have purchased from us in the past. You also are given the chance to opt out of receiving information from third parties including our business partners.

You may also exercise the right to opt out of us your personal information being used for marketing purposes at any time by contacting us through the methods explained at the end of the article. When you return or submit forms with your personal information to us then you consent to:

  1. Our processing that sensitive personal data such as personal information for the above purposes, and
  2. Our transferring your information to countries that don’t offer the same level of data protection as the UK when necessary for the above defined purposes. We will use a contract to ensure that your information is protected when we do these transfers.

You reserve the right to request a copy of your information – which we charge a small fee for – and to ask for us to correct inaccuracies in your personal information – which is provided free of charge. To ensure that we follow your instructions and improve the quality of our service to you via training our staff we may monitor and record telephone calls. 

You can learn more about data protection through the Information Commissioner’s website:


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