There are many great places to visit in Birmingham, no matter why you’re there.  It is amazing to know that whether you visit the city alone, with a friend, spouse, or with your kids, a specific attraction awaits you in Birmingham. Below is review of wonderful places you ought to check out in Birmingham.


Five Most Famous Places In Birmingham


cadbury world birmingham

Cadbury World Birmingham

Cadbury world: Birmingham is the home of the world-renowned and most loved chocolate – Cadbury chocolate. This is a wonder for your kids who will love a sweet visit to the chocolate factory. The place has a museum that displays the history and heritage of cocoa farming and chocolate making from its humble inception of Cadbury,  up to the giant it is today.






broad street birmingham

Broad Street Birmingham

Broad Street: Broad Street is so popular it could be synonymous to the city name, Birmingham. It is the most famous area to go for a late night drink in Birmingham.  Broad Street is a half mile road that houses bars and clubs.  You can discover a bar of your choice and happily spend every Friday night on Broad Street. Start with the Australian themed pub, The Walkabout Bar, if you are new to the neighbourhood. During the day, you can also watch live sports on any number of giant HD plasma TV screens.




JRR Tolkien Trail Birmingham

JRR Tolkien Trail Birmingham

JRR Tolkien Trail: Did you know that John Ronal Reuel Tolkien (JRR Tolkien) grew up in Birmingham?  The inspirations of his masterpiece “The Lord of the Rings” can all be found in Birmingham and its surrounding area. Once you follow the trail, you’ll get to see the inspiration of the iconic hobbit circular door at the Sarehole Mill where JRR Tolkien spent most of his childhood playing. If you are a fan of Tolkien’s works, a walk on Tolkien Trail gives you a feeling of living your fantasies. This is a site for literature lovers.





The Bullring Birmingham

The Bullring Birmingham

The Bullring Centre: The Bullring, over the years, has become the centre of the retail and commercial industries in Birmingham. All the high street and luxury brands you could ever want in this area can be found here. In the centre of the complex is the beautiful St. Martin’s church. The place traces its commercial history to the middle ages, where people came to trade their cattle and corn. This is a place of historical significance to historians and businessmen alike.





Star City Birmingham

Star City Birmingham

Star City: Star City is situated in the Erdington area of Birmingham; a 10 minute taxi or bus ride away from the town centre, and a 15 minutes drive from the Birmingham Airport (BHX) using a Birmingham Airport taxi. It is a large entertainment complex, well suited for families or couples who like to act like children once in a while. This is your one stop spot for every kind of entertainment. It has a bowling alley, a large VUE cinema, an indoor mini golf for children, a massive casino for the adults, and a large arcade with slot machines, games and a large bar. This is perfect location for a family retreat.



As you can see, Birmingham is full of wonderful places to visit, full of wonders and fun for everyone.


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