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Whether you’re hungry for pub style food or something with an international flair, Birmingham restaurants will serve up just what you want!  All of these restaurants are within easy drive of the Birmingham airport; taxis can deliver you right to the front door of these local favourites for a unique dining experience. Birmingham offers the world on a plate, and several vegetarian restaurants, too.


Best Birmingham Restaurants for Local Fare


Burgers, steaks and seafood on your mind?  Here are the best restaurants in Birmingham for local food!

Original Patty Men:  Small eatery featuring specialty burgers, and home of the Big Vern’s Crispy Ring: a loaded cheeseburger served on a grilled glazed donut.

Dirty Cow Burger Company:  This restaurant features many different burgers, such as the Dirty Jack which is cooked in Jacked Daniels and served up with onion ring toppings and Monterey Jack cheese and Jack Daniel’s barbeque sauce.  If you like it hot, the Flaming Doom was voted Birmingham’s hottest burger.

Anderson’s Bar and Grill:  Diverse menu in a restaurant listed as one of the most romantic in Birmingham, Anderson’s is known for its 30oz porter house steak.

Fiesta del Asado:  A rustic steak house featuring steaks grilled to perfection over a wood fire, Fiesta del Asado’s specialty is the 38oz rib eye steak slow grilled on the bone.

Harvey Nichols Restaurant Bar:  With an elegant dining atmosphere and a huge menu of entrees, Harvey Nichols Restaurant Bar is the place to go if you’re craving seafood in Birmingham.


Best Birmingham Restaurants for Indian Food


The Birmingham Restaurant scene has always been known for curry houses and fine Indian cuisine.  Here are just a few of the best to check out while you’re in Birmingham!

Lasan:  Lasan gained fame when it was featured on “The F Word” with Gordon Ramsey.  It offers fine Indian food in a relaxed setting.

Grameen Khana:  This restaurant specializes in offerings from Bangladesh, as well as the more traditional Indian fare.  Not only is the food delicious, it is very affordable.

Raja Monkey:  The restaurant brings to mind old roadside diners in India with its rustic appearance.  Even the cutlery and dishes are reminiscent of canteen style dining.

Mughal e Azam:  This restaurant is charmingly eclectic.  Seated in an old church, it features Mughal motifs from the star on the ceiling to a star shaped counter.  They feature Mughal food, with saucy dishes and creamy nut based gravies.


Best Birmingham Restaurants for Italian Food


If delicious Italian foods are on your mind, visit one of these fantastic Birmingham Italian restaurants.


Dolce Gusto:  Dolce Gusto features all the delicious Italian foods you crave at a very affordable price.  It is known for its selection of rare Lambrettas and Vespas.

Portofino Bar and Restaurant:  From fish to pizza, Portofino offers a huge selection of Mediterranean and Italian favourites.

Fumo:  Featuring a 1930’s restaurant theme right next to St. Phillips Cathedral, Fumo is known for its delicious food, huge menu, and Italian tapas called “cicchetti.”  The marble-topped bar is a great place to grab a quick drink, choosing from many specialty cocktails.

Cucina Rustica:  Boasting contemporary surroundings and traditional Italian fare, Cucina Rustica is open for lunch and dinner at affordable prices.


Best Birmingham Restaurants for Vegetarians


If meat isn’t really your thing, many of the above Birmingham restaurants offer vegetarian dishes.  These are just a few restaurants, however, that are exclusively vegetarian.


Opus:  Featuring only locally grown fresh ingredients, Opus changes its menu seasonally.  This vegetarian restaurant has a large menu, and all affordably priced.

Henry Wong:  Fresh ingredients, balanced flavours, and delicious sauces make Henry Wong a vegetarian’s paradise.

The Warehouse Café:  The Warehouse café is the longest running vegetarian restaurant in Birmingham.  It is simple food made with the freshest of ingredients, and a long standing local favourite.


Best Restaurants in Birmingham


Birmingham is a foodies dream come true, and with so many tasty choices and famous places, you may not know where to start your dining tour while visiting!  Ask any local, or even your Birmingham airport taxi driver, and they are sure to help you take a bite out of Birmingham’s restaurant venue.


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