The second largest city in Great Britain is Birmingham. It is the vibrant and historic centre of the West Midlands. As the powerhouse for the industrial revolution, the city came to life in the 18th century. Birmingham is famous as the first industrial town in the world because of innovations and advances in technology and science. One of the most important inventions in history took place in Birmingham;  the introduction of the industrial steam engine.

If you fast-forward to today you will come across a busy and well-developed city. There are many amazing cityscape views, innovative museums, buzzing restaurants and famous theatres that will allow you to enjoy your time in Birmingham to the fullest. You will be able to enjoy your trip starting at the Birmingham Airport because it specializes in hassle free, quick and easy airport transfers.


Birmingham Airport Transfers


Birmingham Airport Transfers

Birmingham Airport Transfers

Birmingham Airport transfers are readily available whether you wait to get one after you land or book it in advance. With 11 million passengers per year, Birmingham Airport is one of the busiest airports around, yet it is still easy to get moving with your airport transfer quickly, and hassle free.  There is no need to rent a car; most tourist destinations are within an easy walk of hotels and any other tourist sites can be reached by bus or shuttle from your hotel. You can ask your driver for his recommendations for local restaurants, entertainment, or attractions.

Birmingham Airport


In Birmingham airport, there is one central building that holds two terminals.  There is free WiFi access that will allow you to order your airport transfers as soon as you land. Navigating Birmingham Airport is very easy, and the exits are clearly marked to help you find your taxi or other means of airport transfer.


Birmingham Airport Transfers: Considerations

There are many services at Birmingham Airport, all meant to provide travelers with professional, hassle free airport transfers.  When choosing the service that is right for you, here a few things to keep in mind.

  1. What kind of vehicle do you prefer?  You can choose a shuttle, private cab, or top of the line vehicle.
  2. How big is your travel party?  If your party is more than three or four people, you may want to consider a van service.
  3. Do you require door to door service?  A taxi cab can deliver you to any destination you’d like, while a shuttle or bus will drop you off at a central point, possibly requiring you to hire additional services.
  4. Do you need a specialty taxi, such as wheelchair accessible vehicles?  You may need to call ahead to book a service that is equipped for any specialty needs.
  5. How much are you willing to spend to use an airport transfer service?  A shuttle or bus will be less expensive than a private car.

If you’re looking for airport transfers birmingham then call Beaufort Airport Taxis Birmingham, we are guaranteed to get your visit off to a fantastic start.


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