For those traveling in a wheelchair, getting around can be difficult.  Those in wheelchairs require a vehicle that is specially equipped to handle the challenge of safely transporting them from the airport to their destinations.  Regular vehicles without modifications are difficult for these passengers to maneuver. Vehicles can be too low, too high, or the seats are too deep or narrow for them to travel without their chairs, and traveling with their chairs can be even more problematic.

Birmingham airport transfer services have evolved to assure that these passengers can receive safe, reliable services. Here are some of the services that you can consider while booking airport taxis.


Mobility Products

It can be very difficult for passengers in wheelchairs to enter or exit vehicles, including buses, shuttles, and regular taxis. Birmingham airport transfers offer mobility solutions that make it much easier and more comfortable for these passengers to enter their taxi service. Wheelchair accessible vehicles provide mobility products at the doors of the vehicles, allowing the person easy access to the vehicle.  Once inside, these vehicles are equipped with safety features to hold the chair securely in place during travel. Once the passenger has reached their destination, these same mobility products are used to ensure a smooth and safe exit from the vehicle.


Modification of Vehicles

The best thing about the Birmingham airport taxis services is that they offer modified vehicles with the needs of wheelchair passengers in mind.

  1. They have removed the interior of the car completely.
  2. The seats of cars have been removed and carpets are spread on the interior to assure that wheelchairs can easily move into and outside the car
  3. The people with a wheelchair will be able to easily enter and get out of the vehicle. They will stay in the car with their wheelchair safely secured.


Proper Assistance

The Birmingham airport transfer service providers who drive wheelchair accessible taxis will provide you with all of the help you may need. They have trained individuals who will assure that you will get the proper assistance that you require, from helping them out of the wheelchair to sit on the seat of the car, to securing the passenger safely in the wheelchair inside.  These skilled drivers know how to drive safely, avoiding any sudden stops or starts that may cause the passenger discomfort.


Birmingham Airport Transfers Provide Safe Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles


Beaufort Airport Taxis Birmingham provide wheelchair accessible airport taxis, so make sure to inquire when you are booking the service.   Your choices will be modified cars or those with mobility products; both are safe, reliable and easy to use alternatives. When one of your party is in need of a specialized vehicle, check with the service provider to be sure you can all still travel together in the same vehicle.  You may need to hire a bigger car, or book a van or other larger vehicle so you can all remain together. Your Birmingham airport taxi provider can tell you exactly what you need to know to ensure your party has a safe, hassle free ride.


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