When it comes to hiring the airport transfers there are several different options.  They are all different, however, and with considerations from affordability to the size of your party, you may not be sure which airport transfer service is best for you on your trip to Birmingham. Apart from the services and pricing, each one is a different type of vehicle. Here are some of the common types of airport transfer services that you can hire for safe and reliable transport to your destination.


Airport Bus or Shuttle

The most common type of taxis Birmingham airport services used by individuals is an airport bus or shuttle service.

  1. This mode of airport transfer is the most affordable option.
  2. It is a shared service, meaning that you may be cramped with many other passengers.
  3. You will most likely be required to store your bags in a luggage compartment under the bus or shuttle.
  4. Depending on the vehicle, the seats may not be very comfortable.  They can range from hard plastic to cushioned, depending on the service you choose.
  5. This airport transfer service usually has a few key destination points, and can’t offer door to door service.


Airport Taxi

Many travelers prefer to have a quieter airport transfer experience with more privacy. There are many different types of taxis to Birmingham Airport the most common are privately hired vehicles, depending on how many people are in their party.  This is a popular choice at Birmingham Airport, because a taxi will take them directly to their destination.  Passengers can also ask their drivers for advice on popular attractions, restaurants and entertainment in Birmingham. These taxis are all professionally operated by drivers who understand traffic and are familiar with the city.


Premium Vans

If you have a large party, you may consider hiring a premium van to transport you all in comfort and safety to your hotel.  With the same personal touches that make taxis a great choice, your van driver will be a professional who understands Birmingham traffic and can professionally navigate the streets to get you to your destination.  Some of these offer ride sharing; if several passengers are going to similar locations, they can share the van and divide the cost. There are several different body styles of vans to choose from, but they are all comfortable and a hassle free airport transfer.


Executive Cars

These are the transportation of choice for executives, celebrities, or anyone who wants a luxury transfer service.  Birmingham airport offers several high end car services that feature cars such as BMWs, limousines, or other well-known automotive brands.  If you are coming to Birmingham for a special event or party, hire an executive car to take you there in style.


Beaufort Airport Taxis Birmingham offer the best in taxi services, from shuttles to luxurious limousines.  All drivers operating taxis are required to pass stringent tests in order to receive a license, so you can be guaranteed that your driver will be professional, courteous and knowledgeable. We specialise in hassle free airport transfers, for anyone looking for a more information about the history of airport transfers we have put together an in depth article covering all aspects of airport transfers at Birmingham Airport.


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