The First Hackney Carriage Licensed in the UK.

The First Hackney Carriage Licensed in the UK.

Birmingham airport taxis share part of a long and amazing history of cars for hire in the United Kingdom.  While most would assume that hailing a taxi outside of Birmingham Airport is a relatively modern concept, the idea is far from new.  In fact, the idea of taxis started in the early 1600’s in the United Kingdom, centuries before Birmingham Airport was even thought of.  Called hackney cabs, these were horse drawn carriages for hire.

By 1636, the number of allowable taxis in London was limited to fifty, an early form of regulation in the growing industry.  These taxis fell under the authority of the Commissioners of Scotland Yard.

By the early 1800’s, the heavier hackney carriages were being replaced by lighter, faster two wheeled cabriolets, which were called “cabs” for short.  By 1903, battery operated cabs made a brief appearance before being replaced by petrol powered cars.

Today in London, becoming a taxi cab driver is a long process.  Black cab drivers in London are not permitted to use satellite navigation and are required to memorise 320 routes over 25,000 streets.  They also must memorise the locations of nearly 20,000 landmarks, which include schools, churches, parks and theatres.

The entire process is called The Knowledge, and can take between two and four years to master.  After all of the memorisation, black cabbie hopefuls must still pass a written exam and several oral ones before receiving their licence.


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Before Birmingham taxis were common sights at the airport, travelers had to rely on an airport bus or for someone to be available to pick them up on arrival at the airport.  Airport transfers from Birmingham Airport were not private; the buses were crowded, and limited in their range of service.  In addition, there were not many buses available when travelers needed one, so waiting for the bus became as tiresome as the flights themselves.

Birmingham airport transfers are now as simple as hailing a cab, booking one in advance, or hiring a private vehicle known as the minicab.  In addition, shared shuttles can also be hired.  These can be less expensive shuttles that make more stops or pick up passengers from multiple flights, which can result in longer travel times, or a speedy shuttle that features fewer stops for a bit more cost.

When riding in a Birmingham airport taxi, passengers can relax knowing that their drivers are familiar with the routes, and that taxi fares are regulated without any hidden extra fees.   The cost of the trip will depend on the distance travelled, the car you hire, and the size of your party.

Airport transfers can be made comfortably in fleets of new cars that feature air conditioning and can accommodate parties of any size.  Some of the taxis at Birmingham airport feature wheelchair ramps and other specialized services. Visit the following link for more information on the types of airport taxi services.

Beaufort Airport Taxis Birmingham are the fastest, most reliable choice to get you the rest of the way to your destination quickly and easily.


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