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Meet and Greet Service Available

Beaufort Airport Taxis offer a professional meet and greet service where our drivers will identify themselves with a name board. Your driver will assist you with all of your luggage to the taxi at no additional cost, we’re positive you will be happy with this service.

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All About Airport Transfers Birmingham.

The airport transfer is one of the most important things to consider when booking a flight. How do you plan on getting from the airport to your hotel? How do you plan on getting from your home to the airport, and vice versa? This is where an airport transfer comes in. Today we’ll be taking a look at airport taxis in greater detail for anyone who’s looking for taxis to Birmingham Airport, taxis from Birmingham Airport and airport transfers Birmingham Airport.

What are airport transfers?

An airport transfer is a bus or private airport taxis Birmingham service that takes you to and from an airport. Airport transfers Birmingham can be used to get from your home to Birmingham Airport or from the airport to where you’re staying. These services are typically run by private hire companies but you may be able to find one that is owned and operated by the airport itself mostly because they are a great solution for if you have a particularly long flight and don’t feel like driving when you land. Customers have a selection of cars to choose from when hiring airport taxis depending on the company.

How did they start?

The humble airport transfer service is around 50 years old now. Airport transfers birmingham have been used since the 60s, when British European Airways hired the services of AEC Routemaster buses to service Heathrow Airport. What started out as one bus company serving one airport quickly spread across the country and then the world. Now it’s possible to find an airport transfer and airport bus service in just about any country.

Growth of airport transfers Birmingham

British European Airways experienced a lot of success with their initial airport bus service and it wasn’t long before other private hire and air travel providers took notice. As convenient as an airport bus was, they could only do so much because people needed to travel further and they wanted to do so in comfort and privacy.

This demand paved way for the airport transfers and airport taxis we know today. These days there are even services dedicated to comparing different airport taxis Birmingham suppliers to find the right one for you. Due to so many people requiring taxis to Birmingham Airport and taxis from Birmingham Airport the airport transfers industry is one of the biggest money makers for private hire firms to this day.

What cars are available?

The range of cars offered depends entirely on the service you choose. Not all airport transfer services are created equal after all. At the very least you can expect a range of different-sized vehicles. Companies generally offer small-and-medium-sized cars, minibuses, and full sized buses for large groups. If you’re happy with a smaller car then don’t spend more than necessary on a larger car.

What’s the difference between shared shuttles and private transfers?

There are two key types of services when it comes to airport transfers Birmingham; shared shuttles and private transfers. Some companies operate one service or another, while others offer both. The difference between the two is easy enough to understand. A shared shuttle is essentially a bus service. The first ever airport bus service was a shared shuttle. This is when several groups of travelers share the same bus and all travel together. They are often cheaper as everyone shares the cost, and the buses may be operated by the company themselves or be from a hire company.

Private transfer services are just what you would expect; a private hire car. This is a single car for your whole group to have to themselves. They are great for those that value privacy or have specific requirements. Private transfer services can be more expensive than shared shuttles, but the convenience makes up for the cost.

How much does an airport taxi cost?

The cost of an airport transfer Birmingham, much like the range of cars, can vary depending on the service provider. The more people you have in your party and the more luggage you need to transport, the higher the costs as well. As is the case with any taxi service, distance is a major factor.

Being picked up from home and stopping to see the sights and taking the scenic route can all add to the cost of the transfer. Even so, airport transfers are relatively cheap compared to the costs of hiring a taxi at the airport. Keep in mind that cheaper isn’t always better though. You may find a service willing to provide travel for as little as £2, but that doesn’t make them good. Expect to pay anywhere between £30 and £100 depending on your needs.

Are you taken straight to your destination?

Private transport airport taxis take you as close to your accommodation as possible. How close the vehicle can get depends on the size of the vehicle and the access to the address in question. Some places aren’t suited for large vehicles for example. Other factors that affect this are police requirements and weather problems such as snow blocking the road. The private hire company will always endeavor to get you as close as possible though, which is a key benefit of private transport.

Sometimes a shared shuttle service can take you straight to your destination, but sometimes you will be taken to the nearest pick-up/drop-off point. The same applies to using public transport. Most airports and major hotels have access points so this may not be a problem. If your looking for taxis from Birmingham Airport then Beaufort Airport Taxis Birmingham will be able to get to you within two minutes as we are situated just around the corner from Birmingham Airport.


Airport transfers Birmingham Airport have been around for many years now, beginning life as a shuttle bus service for Heathrow Airport. The service has expanded to cover private hire and all different makes and models of vehicles. There are many airport taxi services so make sure you shop around to find the right one for you! As always Beaufort Airport Taxis Birmingham offer a steam line service for anyone looking to get a taxi to Birmingham Airport and also a taxi from Birmingham Airport.

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Hassle-free Travel

Beaufort Airport Taxis Birmingham provides hassle-free travel to and from any airport across the UK. We are able to transport up to 8 passengers with our airport transfer service. Travel in comfort with air-conditioning and arrive on time at the departures terminal. We keep a close eye on inbound flights so we can avoid unnecessary delays as a result of your arrival time changing, guaranteeing you get back home or to the office without any problems.

No Hidden Costs

We never charge extra fees for travelling at unsociable hours, as we understand many flights will leave early in the day or arrive late into the night. You’ll find an airport taxi waiting for you at your airport, with your driver waiting in the arrivals hall holding up a name board. Our team keeps track of the flight information for your flight so you aren’t charged fees if the flight gets delayed.

Airport / Seaport

Our team offers more than just airport transfers though, as we also provide a range of seaport transfers to any ferry port in the UK. Our services cover every cruise terminal and seaport including Southampton, Dover, Plymouth, Weymouth, Harwich, and Portsmouth.

24 Hour Services

We provide 24 hour services and our drivers are an important part of making sure your travel plans stay easy and simple. We help to make sure that you – and your luggage – arrives with plenty of time to spare. We promise to deliver: Our airport transfer service sees you dropped off outside departures and our drivers collect you from outside arrivals when you return. The airport transfer service is carefully coordinated to ensure our customers reach their airport on time and aren’t left waiting for a pick up upon returning.

4 – 8 Seater Taxis

Taxis from birmingham airport available 4, 6, 7, and 8-seater taxis to larger parties that need the extra room. We only have modern vehicles and keep them in perfect condition to guarantee you’re traveling in style and comfort. Get in touch with us today to learn more or book an airport transfer.

Large Fleet

We maintain a large fleet of vehicles that is sure to satisfy any travel requirements, occasion, or journey. Whether you need a modern taxi, an executive taxi, or the perfect wedding car, we’ve got one in our fleet. All of our vehicles are kept looking their very best to ensure you’re traveling in style, comfort, and safety. We’ve got a car for every potential journey. The professional services we offer are completed by our team of outstanding drivers dedicated to ensuring that you have a smooth journey. We also ensure that our prices stay competitive, so why not get in touch today online or on the phone and learn more about the taxi services we provide.

Our Promise

We understand that many people out there have no idea what an airport transfer service is all about. We’re looking to change that by explaining all the benefits you gain by using airport transfer services when travelling and why Beaufort Airport Transfer Taxis Birmingham are the best airport transfer service around. Here’s the beginner’s guide to airport transfers…

  • Taxi

An airport transfer service is basically a pre-booked taxi that comes to you when you reach the airport, saving you the trouble of having to look for one.

  • Reliability

Customers continue to come back to us because we strive to provide an immaculate, high quality customer service.

  • Availability

You are able to book a transfer at any time of the day safe in the knowledge that your driver will be waiting for you when they are needed.

  • No Hidden Costs

The price we quote you is the only price you’ll pay. We don’t charge any hidden taxes or charges

  • Safety

We take safety seriously and provide only experienced drivers. They will take you straight to your front door in a completely licensed and insured vehicle.

  • Flexibility

No matter how many people are travelling, your individual travel requirements, or your budget, we can provide you with a transport service

  • Easy

Take advantage of our online quote generator and then follow the simple instructions to get your transfer booked online

  • Relax

You are sent an instant confirmation of the booking that lets you relax safe in the knowledge that your driver is going to be there waiting upon your return. Our team is always ready to provide assistance when you need it 24/7.


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